Message from the Founder
Dear Students,
I welcome you on joining as students of noble profession at Birender Singh College of Nursing (BSCN) and take this opportunity with a sense of commitment that the College shall not be found lacking towards professional pursuits for you. Though today's world is full of relentless professional competition in every walk of life but there is always a place at the top and it often goes to those who work with dedication and perseverance. I have a firm belief that the young boys and girls from North India are focused achievers and have tremendous potential. Our aim at BSCN is to equip you with knowledge and skills so that the potential in you is channelized through the suitable academic atmosphere and best of infrastructure in terms of laboratories, well stocked library, net facility and so on.

The value system in our country in changing rapidly and the old social order is under pressure. The profession of Nursing is based on human values of caring, concern, compassion and kind heartedness. I am sure with these personality traits and positive attitude, you are destined to scale the heights of professional excellence. Remember, men and women are not judged by their looks and possessions but by their noble acts and concern for others. The values you uphold could be the reflection of the BSCN and fruit of our toil.

I extend my sincere good wishes to all of you.

Birender Singh