Fundamentals of Nursing Lab:

    Well equipped lab with the following facilities:
  • 10 cots with 10 dummies
  • Imported CPR manikin attached with ECG Machine
  • Medical & Surgical Instruments as per Norms
  • Spacious to accommodate 20-20 Members during demonstration
  • Defibrillator, O2 cylinder, Suction apparatus
  • Sterilization factility (Autoclave)

Maternal and Child health Lab:

  • 5 Cots with female dummies for Ante-natal assessment (2) labour dummy (2), Episiotony Model(1)
  • Electronic  appliance dummy for demonstrating Mechanism of Labour
  • Preserved Specimens
  • Posters & Charts
  • Delivery Kit, IVD Kit, Episiotomy Kit
  • Gynaecological and Obstetrics instruments
  • 2 Pediatric Cots with 2 baby dummies for Resuscitation and procedures
  • Play articles for all age groups
  • Incubators(2), Photo Therapy Machine
  • Posters for stages of growth & development of children
  • Growth charts

Community Health Nursing Lab:

  • Well equipped 50 community bags
  • Primary Health Center Model, Village Model, Area maps, Organizational charts at different level
  • Nutritional Assessment articles
  • Flash cards
  • Articles for performing various procedures
  • Models of vaccine carrier, Cold chain system

Anatomy & Physiology Lab:

  • Articulated Skeleton (2)
  • Specimens
  • Models of Parts, Organs
  • Model of Internal Structures of Body
  • Charts of all systems
  • Disarticulated bones

Microbiology  Lab:

  • Microscopes
  • Equipments for procedures
  • Physical and chemical sterilization facilities
  • Centrifuge Machine
  • Glasswares for procedures

Nutrition Lab:

  • Gas stove with cylinders
  • Utensils for demonstration
  • Nutritional Pyramid
  • Recommended Dietary Allowances for all age group
  • Specimens of Cereals, Pulses, Flour etc.
  • Charts regarding sources of Nutrients

A.V. aids Lab and Computer Lab:

  • 25 Working Computers with Internet Connections
  • Puppets, Flannel graphs, Side Projector, Over Head Projector, 3 dimensional charts, Poster, Flip charts, Flash cards, Bulletin Boards, Magnetic Boards, White Boards, Television, Radio, DVD Player, Audio System with Mike
  • LCD Projector


  • 2600 books with latest editions both national and international
  • 10 Indian Nursing Journals and 15 International Journals
  • Dissertations, Publications, Manuals
  • Seating facilities for all students for Reference
  • 1900 reference books separately
  • Helinet Facilities

Class Room Facilities:

  • 10 Classrooms with 50 students sitting facilities
  • One classroom attached with LCD


  • Well facilitated seating arrangements for 1000 members
  • Sufficient enough for conducting Symposium, Conference, Workshops, Seminars


  • Indoor and Outdoor games facilities


  • Accommodation facilities for all students
  • High quality vegetarian food served in Mess
  • Water and Sanitation facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Yoga and Meditation Room

Staff Room:

  • Staff Room


  • Every student need to be mess member.
  • Mess member is not permitted to take utensils in the room.
  • It is compulsory for the students to take meals in the mess.
  • Mess money has to be paid will in advance by 10th of each month.
  • Sick students can ask for meals in their rooms & request should be through warden/ Principal.

Health Care:

  • In case of sickness students will be taken to nearby hospital by the hostel personnel
  • Students have to pay in case of specialized and advanced treatment.


  • Parents are directed to submit a group photograph in Triplicate consisting of upto five family members.


  • Birender Singh College of Nursing, Uchana has own transport facilities for transporting the students for field experience

Clinical Facilities:

  • Birender Singh College of Nursing has been attached to civil hospital , Jind and Narwana for imparting clinical field training and C.H.C. Uchana serves the purpose of imparting rural field experience to the students.

Other Hospitals:

  • Meenakshi Jain Hospital, Jind
  • Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital, Jind
  • Mental Hospital, Agra and Amritsar

Ban on Ragging:

  • Ragging in education institution is banned. Any student found indulging-in-ragging will be punished, which may lead to expulsion from the College/ suspension from classes or any action as per Govt. instructions/ rules.

Fee Structure:

  • The fee structure is as per university, state Govt. rules.
  • Annual fee will be payable by the students at the time of the admission.
  • The college fees as well as the examination fee and other funds will be charged from the students on an annual basis. Fee and funds are subject to change as per college rules.
  • Once admission is confirmed, no fee will be refunded. Further, any student leaving the course in the middle of the session will be required to deposit whole course fee before N.O.C. is given.

Refund and Withdrawals:

  • Fee and dues once paid are not refundable
  • Securities if not withdrawn within a year after the end of the course will be lapse and shall not be refunded

Scholarship and Concession to SC/ BC Students:

    As per Government rules

    Documents needed for this is as:-
  • Caste Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Copy of bank a/c number attached with Aadhar card number
  • Residential proof